Nothing will fuck up your twenties more than thinking you’re supposed to have your shit together.

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Why the fuck do they have the need to be here. Do they not understand that this is a horrible thing that someone has to go through and that this display that they deem appropriate is just wrong in its entirety. Like. Just get the fuck out of here. Why make someone live in their past, live in their mistakes. Let people try to move on. It is something that will haunt you forever, so what is the damn need.



Is it just me or you don’t really realise how drunk you are until you are in a bathroom alone???


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Kid Cudi Photographed by Alexei Hay for Esquire Magazine, 2014

oh hai qt

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Lana Del Rey Born to Die
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Damn I use to watch this every morning

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Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say ‘My tooth is aching’ than to say ‘My heart is broken.’
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